Long and short trading with CFDs

Contracts for difference, or CFDs, allow traders to speculate on stocks, shares, currencies and indices without actually buying the underlying instrument. A trader can go long or short with a CFD depending on whether they believe the underlying instrument will increase or decrease in value.

All CFDs have a bid and an offer price. When going long you buy the CFD at the offer price. This will require you to deposit a margin of between 0.5% to 30% of the value of your CFDs depending on their nature. For example, if you bought ten CFDs based on shares in Google currently worth £220 and the margin required was 5% then you would be required to deposit £110 (i.e. 10 x 220 x 0.05). You would also be charged a commission (this may be waived for other instruments e.g. indices) of, for example, 0.1%...

How to Get Novice 3 on Market Glory Arena Fights in 3 Days

Few days ago i posted about this great game in which you can invest money and then buy company in order to sell goods to other players and in that way make money with Market Glory. But now i will write you a tutorial in which you can invest very little time and grab around 0.4 Euros per day. Maybe 0.4 Euros per day sounds too little but it is not. Because this 0.4 Euros can fast grow to 1 Euro per day and that is 30 Euros per month by playing a game and spending as little as few minutes per day.

What you need to get to Novice 3 level in Market Glory arena fights?
To fight in Arena you will always need to have 1 weapon of attack and 1 weapon of defense. And of course your energy need to...

Make Money Playing Game – Market Glory

Making money online is a hard thing to do. Some ways of making money are not so cool. Like spending days and days clicking some various banners. And for that job you get like few cents per day. Some people do surveys. But surveys are not available to everyone. Some of them own websites, but websites need investment and regular maintenance. And now you can make money online by playing a game.

Market Glory is a virtual world game. In this world you have people (players) from all country all around the world. Each player is citizen of his country. Each country have budge and government which decides taxes and other political things. You can be part of the government as well. Every player in this virtual world can work in a firm, fight for referrals, fight in arena and go...

Basics of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Forget HYIPs, forget PTC, forget every rags-to-riches-overnight scam you’ve been through, and nail your eyes into the world of affiliate marketing. It’s something that has continued to constantly grow in the past years, and with the Internet boom it will never go away. What we’re talking about here is an actual way of stable income, that does require hard work and dedication to be executed correctly, but in the end it will be so rewarding that you are left to wonder why didm you start earlier!

What is affiliate marketing?

In a nutshell affiliate marketing means driving traffic for a merchant who will pay you commission for each successful sale of their product. So your revenue is fully dependent on the conversion you’re able to get out of your customers; the higher the amount of potential customers, the higher your...

JSS Tripler aka Profit Clicking aka Ad Click Xpress

adclickThere was a story about JSS Tripler, great money making opportunity program that made many people some money. Some of them got rich and most of them earn something. I did earn as well. Made ROI of 200%. But as soon as JSS Tripler got sold to Profit Clicking things get wrong. Nobody was receiving payouts. I didn’t receive a single payout from Profit Clicking. They were constantly changing payout rules. And most funny part was that they were paying members 1 minute per day and if you did not request a payment in that period you was not paid. At least that what members of popular forum Money Making Group say. But to be honest i doubt that anyone got paid.

Now this scamming owner of this site is trying to change the name again and try to squeeze some more...

JSS Tripler Is Now Profit Clicking

What you heard is true. If you haven’t been watching your JSS Tripler account for the last few months, maybe you are one who invested big to let it build without worrying about it for awhile. It’s time for you to see what the buzz is all about. The news is, JSS Tripler has been converted over to a site called Profit Clicking. Everyone is excited as we are watching the changes take place.

JSS kept telling us we would need to surf eventually. With the new site, Profit Clicking, that has happened. It’s not a bad deal. You only need to log in and surf 3 sites a day. You can surf ahead and build up how many you have surfed to prepare for days you can’t surf. You must surf if you expect to earn anything at Profit...

No Risk Make Money Online: 1 Click Profit

1clickprofitHow to Make Money Online Without Risk

This E-book (1 Click Profit) is about how to make money online with your eyes closed. 100% no risk, 100% money back guaranteed very easily regardless of your “computer” knowledge. This book has only 12 pages and it is described step by step what to do to earn online. We know already that there are many such books, some work some do not. Some book help someone and some did not.

Earn up to $ 800 per hour

Apparently this method can earn up to $ 800 per hour. It sounds unbelievable, but only 10% of this earning will make many of us happy. Much as this sounds incredible, so unbelievable is the fact that the owner of this method returns the money if you are dissatisfied with a book. He will do that within 60...